Are you a CSP with excess capacity? Monetize that capacity and really manage yield with UCX’s Secondary Cloud Marketplace. We bring you RFQs on solution specifications from enterprise across the country and you only pay if you win the RFQ. Sign up today and start winning. The process is simple:

Step 1

Contact UCX

  • Hear about the advantages of being a UCX CSP
  • Learn more about uCX from our Channel Partner Specialist
  • How it works | Path to revenue
  • Complete UCX Channel Partner Agreement

Step 2

Market Profile

  • Tell us what makes you great
  • Provide marketing information to promote your brand
  • Your target market | value add 
  • Data center locations | Certifications

Step 3

Go Live on UCX

  • Provide pricing
  • Receive request for quotes
  • Broaden your opportunities and extend your customer reach
  • Win New Business

Step 4


  • Buyer and Seller information transmitted
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Provisioning | Migration
  • Generate new revenue