UCX to provide $20,000 worth of free cloud computing

UCX, the Universal Compute Xchange, ‘Where the Universe Trades the Cloud’, announced “Project Alpha”, a new program offering free cloud computing for qualified organizations. UCX announced it would permit $20,000 worth in cloud compute resources for each enrolled organization as measured by UCX’s WAC financial spot contract.


UCX is an on-demand spot exchange bringing buyers and sellers of the cloud to a centralized price discovery marketplace. UCX allows an organization to trade and hedge their IT expenditures as they would with any other commodity, no different than electricity or fuel. With hundreds of billions being spent on IT budgets year over year, risk management for IT expenditures is quickly becoming the number one priority for every balance sheet. UCX, is a Chicago based exchange, that has a working strategic relationship with CME Group, where CME is assisting in the development and ongoing growth of UCX.


Adam Zeck, CEO and Founder of UCX said, “We believe so strongly in our concept that management has decided to give new exchange participants the ability to easily transition to our consumption based model by subsidizing cloud compute expenses of $20,000 for each qualified organization.” Zeck added, “We have confidence that once an organization comes to UCX to trade the cloud and realizes how easy, flexible, transparent and cost efficient it is, they will quickly become believers. The time has come for a more efficient consumption based model and UCX is the answer.”


Interested organizations can apply by completing a simple four step process:


  1. Submit a ‘Project Alpha’ application form on ucxchange.com for enrollment
  2. UCX will contact you shortly to provide further instruction and assistance
  3. Select a Pay-as-you-Go (PayG) contract from one of our CSPs
  4. Provision your account, migrate your applications and begin running


Benefits of Project Alpha include:

  • $20,000 worth of free cloud computing
  • Cloud Security Alliance STAR certified CSP’s
  • Standardized and/or Customized Pay-as-you-Go Contracts
  • Support / Migration Assistance and 24/7 Help Desk
  • Up to 50 deployable virtual machines per contract
  • Ubiquitous support for operating systems


About UCX:


UCX has created an electronic spot exchange, with the support and assistance of the CME Group, to help Start-ups, SMB’s, Enterprises and Cloud Service Providers manage their financial IT Infrastructure risk exposure by trading the cloud as a commodity. UCX is the first centralized, transparent exchange that enables organizations to engage in price discovery, trade execution and the physical delivery of compute resources using one standard unit of measure, providing “apples to apples” comparisons, operational agility, and market and capital efficiencies.  UCX was named an ​‘​AlwaysOn Top 100 Global Company to Watch for 2015.’  To learn more about the executive team visit: https://ucxchange.com/about-us/  Follow UCX on Twitter: @UCXchange