(April 18, 2016 – Miami, FL) UCX, ‘Where the Universe Trades the Cloud’, announced today the introduction of a Bare Metal server asset class.  The launch included two products, the “X1” and “X2”, which have been designed around two widely adopted configurations within the IT community.

The X1 and X2 feature minimum server specifications that UCX Member Service Providers are required to meet in order to fulfill orders on the exchange.  The Bare Metal contracts consist of two types; Spots and Forwards.  Spot contracts allow for a buyer to execute a trade and take immediate delivery of their servers, while Forward contracts allow for a buyer to acquire a contract for scheduled delivery in the ensuing calendar months.  Additional information regarding the specifications can be found at http://ucxchange.wpengine.com/products/.

“We see Bare Metal as a natural extension to our financial product offerings,” said UCX Co-Founder and CEO Adam Zeck, “Suppliers have a venue to recoup investments on vacant servers and a way to minimize risk due to customer churn, and buyers benefit from price discovery, transparency, and a way to hedge their own IT investments.”

UCX leverages a state-of-the-art trading platform that it licenses from CME Group to create a central price discovery mechanism to trade digital assets, such as Bare Metal servers.  Buyers bid on excess dedicated hardware capacity offered by service providers, which compete for buyers’ business in real-time.

“UCX provides us the ability to minimize our IT infrastructure risk exposure,” said DNSFilter CTO Mike Schroll, “The exchange model gives us the confidence to know that we are getting a fair price.”  DNSFilter, a DNS-Based content filtering and threat protection provider for network operators, was one of multiple buyers to participate in ‘limited-access’ trading during March.

UCX has seen a recent surge in membership on both sides of the trade and is now featuring availability for Bare Metal in the US including Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Parsippany, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Sunnyvale, and Weehawken.

“We anticipate making delivery zones more regionalized in the coming months and are exploring international offerings as well.  The demand for it is there,” said Zeck.

For further information, visit ucxchange.wpengine.com.

About UCX

UCX is an electronic spot exchange where Cloud Service Providers and Enterprises “Trade the Cloud”.  UCX enables exchange participants to engage in the price discovery, trade execution and the physical delivery of cloud compute resources.  Participants benefit from transparent pricing, ‘apples-to-apples’ comparisons, market competition, renewed operational agility, risk reduction, and capital efficiencies.  Let UCX’s market compete for your business.  For further information, visit ucxchange.wpengine.com.


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