Is UCX Right for Me?

Legacy/ On-PremManaging own data centers and seeking to move assets to the cloud.Difficult to compare different offerings, long-term contracts lead to vendor lock-in and loss of business agility, allocation model is wasteful.
Public SectorIT expenditures are accelerating year over year. CFO wants more oversight and control over their IT spend. Shareholder pressure to maintain costs and provide more transparency. Lack of price discovery, transparency, and capital market efficiencies. Understanding a dollar per unit cost of consumption and being able to speak the same language across all levels of the organization. Benchmark total cost of consumption per unit against market and industry norms.
Distressed SituationLimited cash flow / need to understand costs in a granular measure, cut costs, determine which costs are the highest. Understand where the waste is occurring. Over-allocation of resources with current provider leads to unnecessary and wasteful capex. Use of collector and console helps them determine their true utilization and provides them the ability to “right size” their private infrastructure.
M&AManaging multiple disparate environments. Difficult to determine value.
Seasonal BusinessPeriod of time with increased usage compared to historical averages.Over-purchased hardware if on-prem. No comparison, transparency, or price discovery going directly to the public cloud.
Cloud First/ High-Growth StartupRapidly expanding code base, user base, and cost structure.Addicted to free credits from the public cloud providers and have lost the ability to understand and control costs when the subsidies expire.
Short Term/ On-DemandBusiness objectives requiring a vast amount of resources in high availability for short period of time.Limited to public cloud for fulfillment and often sacrificing performance due to high costs otherwise.
Unique Business RequirementsNeed for super customized specifications related to compliance, location, and/or performance.Not enough customization and control with the public cloud. Next to impossible to compare across managed hosts and private cloud providers.
Non-Production WorkloadsNon-production workloads normally don’t require a full SLA.Production and Non-production workloads have required a similar investment of capital. Makes up roughly 30% of an enterprise’s IT spend.