Buyer Trade Steps

UCX has a wide range of Financial IT Products to purchase on the Xchange. Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Platform and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and Bare Metal options provide Buyers the control and performance necessary for their workloads. A potential Buyer will need to identify which UCX Product makes sense for them. It is encouraged to speak to a UCX representative on the Trade Desk.
UCX currently has 5 Product Regions so Buyers have geographical flexibility when buying compute on the Xchange. If a Buyer needs their cloud hosted in a particular area or city, that can be accommodated with UCX.

Price Discovery is the Bid/Ask process between Buyer and Seller. Buyers will submit Bids on a Product and Sellers will submits Asks. There is a back and forth where both sides will inch closer to central price. Buyers can engage in Price Discovery by contacting the UCX Trade Desk and reviewing the details on the Product and Contract Type they would like to place Bids.
Once a trade is executed, email alerts will be sent immediately to the Buyer. Sellers will be alerted concurrently and will contact the Buyer within 15 minutes of Trade Execution to start the on-boarding process.
Within 15 minutes of Trade Execution, the Buyer will be contacted by Seller of the Trade to start the CSP On-boarding/Compute Delivery Process. The Seller will work with Buyers to choose machine configurations, setup networking, and purchase additional add-ons. Buyers will be provided Root Access to all machines and will receive UCX Console access to view machine WAC usage.