Buying Customized Cloud

The cloud landscape has gotten more complex than it needs to be. Whether you want to spin up some extra capacity for modeling or you have to create a new off premises home for your own private cloud, it can be intimidating. UCX is the place where you give share your basic needs, and we use our network of quality CSP partners to find the best solution for the best price. Quotes are free and there are zero commitments until you decide to buy.

Step 1

Contact Us

UCX experts consult with you to determine your needs:

  • Public Cloud | Private Cloud | Bare Metal
  • On-demand | Spot | Name your contract length
  • Data center location priorities
  • And more…

Step 2


  • UCX helps define specifications and options
  • UCX requests quotes from multiple CSPs
  • CSPs compete for your business

Step 3


  • Buyer selects best CSP quote
  • UCX facilitates the transaction with new CSP
  • Buyer and Seller information transmitted

Step 4


  • Customer on-boarding
  • Provisioning | Migration
  • Save time and money