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As we witness this revolutionary change in infrastructure, buyers of services found themselves at a disadvantage as they moved both critical and non-critical assets in to the cloud. It became apparent that the world was in need of a real central price discovery mechanism which would allow the certainty of pricing along with security and operational agility needed for success. Buyers, both large and small, found themselves tied into contracts for allocation of compute power in a totally inefficient manner.
Let’s be clear; the world of infrastructure has now become commoditized. UCX gives the IT world the missing piece of the puzzle, a centralized marketplace. Now buyers can come to the market and purchase infrastructure on a consumption basis and compare prices. UCX gives enterprise organizations of all sizes the ability to buy, sell and hedge compute power as easily as any other commodity on the market. But it doesn’t stop there. Now buyers can understand true consumption and charge back internally and allocate costs in a much more efficient manner. UCX markets give the end users what they always need…Full control.

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