About UCX

Creating efficiency for storage and compute resources (cloud) purchasing

UCX is a secondary marketplace for cloud computing resources. UCX was created to help organizations reduce costs, retain flexibility and streamline the time it takes to get the best price on tailored cloud solutions. UCX partners with CSPs nationally to unlock their excess capacity and bring it to market. Suppliers on UCX can offer that excess capacity at aggressive pricing, which guarantees that buyers see advantages on pricing and scaling up or down as they need to. As a consultative intermediary between buyers and sellers of cloud storage/compute resource providers, UCX enables organizations to specify the type, amount, location, storage capacity, and contract term required, and then choose from multiple CSPs bids to purchase highly secure certified compute resources at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are spinning up extra instances for a month, building an off-prem private cloud as your new IT home, or a CSP seeking to monetize unused capacity, a simple registration allows you to access to the UCX Marketplace.

UCX is led by an experienced team (below) that combines technology and financial expertise. No pre-commitments or reserved instances are required, and transaction/execution costs are very low compared to traditional ones. As a technology partner of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). UCX facilitates a transactional marketplace and will roll out a Beta of a formal exchange for trading of compute, storage, and network resources in the next 12 months.

“The beauty of our model is that this is a win/win for both the companies that really need the cloud and the CSPs that supply the marketplace”, said Jim Hawk, UCX’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are looking to provide more value on both sides of the equation through efficiency and optionality, like Priceline did for the travel market”.

“The capital efficiencies UCX is creating for buyers and sellers is game-changing”, said Adam Zeck, UCX Co-Founder and CEO. “Enterprises are in the habit of paying for the cloud inefficiently because the process is dislocated. The amount of waste that is taking place is astronomical. ”

“We’re the best fit for young technology companies, like cloud first SAAS companies, where minimizing spending and forecasting budgets are critical”, said Zeck. “With the Big 3, they get you in the door with free credits and software tools that the majority of enterprises never need – and their platforms become so sticky that it’s nearly impossible to leave – ultimately going against everything the cloud was intended to be for a business.”

The Future of The Cloud

The marketplace is just the beginning. As UCX grows, our vision is to expand into a complete portfolio of cloud storage and compute resources solutions:

  • Phase 1. Bid and buy the Cloud in the UCX Marketplace. Customers can specify the exact services required, name a price and have CSPs compete for the business. UCX enables buyers to compare apples-to-apples offers, rather than scouring the web to compile lists of thousands of different options. With UCX, everyone wins; CSPs sell excess capacity, buyers get significant discounts and simplified shopping.
  • Phase 2. UCX will launch the exchange, offering multiple additional products expanding its offering and enabling buyers with very specific compliance or compute-based needs to take advantage of market competition and discounts on excess capacity through a true spot market. Buying on the exchange will be based on consumption only through our unique algorithm and metering of a true standard unit of measurement.
  • Phase 3. UCX will expand its services to offer a true financial exchange where buyers and sellers can trade cloud and compute resources, and futures, just like any other commodity. The UCX portfolio will offer multiple cloud services and compute resource solutions so customers can choose the transaction style based on company needs and preferences.

UCX helps organizations rethink how they are buying, selling and managing cloud compute resources. For more information, contact us. See a case study on how UCX can help you here.

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