On-Demand Computing

Written April 5, 2017 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

There was a wonderful piece written by Christopher Tozzi (The VAR Guy) entitled ‘How on Demand Computing is Helping Revolutionize IT’. You can find it here. It seems the essence of the article is to have the reader understand the true efficiencies with having an on-demand utility as the basis for everything from programming, Dev-Ops all the way to the use of blockchain technology.

As a Co-Founder of UCX, it strikes me as odd that the world has not come to the same conclusion which we read in Tozzi’s piece. With the world moving towards big data, IoT, AI etc., managing the risks associated with IT costs is now a necessity.  Just ask any board member of a corporation responsible for IT spending approvals!

Let’s be clear; the Cloud, as we call it, is now a utility.  It is no different than electricity or even crude oil, which comes in a variety of grades, and yet is priced through a central marketplace. Real risk management and capital efficiencies are now at the fingertips of those who want to be the real leaders in the digital age.  The time is right for centralized price discovery and delivery of compute resources.  This the core of what we do at UCX. Join us and find out about Cloud Pricing Perfected