Blockchain’s Impact on the Cloud Economy

Written March 27, 2017 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

In a recent article in ‘Blockgeeks’, an online magazine devoted to blockchain enthusiasts, they identified 17 different ways in which blockchain technology is changing the world. See the article here.

As the Chief Economist at UCX, I really appreciate the vision shared in the piece and it feeds my excitement about the ways the new financial landscape will evolve. The egalitarianism and transparency which is embedded in the Blockchain technology seems like the final piece in the internet puzzle as we have gone from information to transactions to value transfer. Compute processing and the use of cloud services has never been more important for the development of the new financial world. UCX understands the risks associated with the growing expense of compute resources and is ready to help mitigate and manage that risk.

As the only Cloud exchange, UCX gives both CSP’s and Enterprise organizations the ability to manage both price risk and yield management with real-time consumption. We need to move past the days of stickiness, contractual handcuffs CSP indebtedness towards real value and flexibility. The digital world cannot move forward unless there is real transparency among the cloud providers. It’s time for the free markets to set the price of compute services like any utility. We provide a real central price discovery mechanism for the cloud universe. At UCX, we believe in “Cloud Pricing Perfected”.