All Your Assets with One CSP? Why?

Written March 13, 2017 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

The recent outage at AWS and the subsequent chain of events which led to businesses being left crippled by zero web presence, proves that the time has come to change the way the world looks at and thinks about the cloud. See a great article  on this from Julie Bort, in Business Insider linked below:

Should enterprise organizations allow themselves to be at the mercy of cloud service providers that are vulnerable to outages like the one experienced earlier this week?  Infrastructure independence is an absolutely necessity! Redundancy and continuity is not a choice – it is a business need.  At UCX we believe the use of data centers are a utility,  that they should be viewed as a utility, and most importantly, that they should be priced as a utility. Municipalities and similar entities should look at the procurement of Infrastructure much like gas and electricity.  With the cash markets created and traded at UCX, an on demand exchange to buy and sell infrastructure, and one  that fits the real needs of your business, is a reality.  Per the article:

“During AWS’ four-hour disruption, S&P 500 companies lost $150 million, according to analysis by Cyence, a startup that models the economic impact of cyberrisk. US financial services companies lost an estimated $160 million, the company estimates.”

How can we transform technology as the great enabler of commerce that leads us to the next level of innovation when one CSP can cause so much damage?  At UCX, we believe the time has come to confront this issue like never before, and to provide real world alternatives to enterprises that are interested in, and motivated to prevent downtime.