Creating a New Asset Class

Written January 23, 2017 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

In a recent post on the CME Group’s Open Markets online magazine, an article titled, How Grain Futures Contracts Revolutionized Finance written by Debbie Carlson, gives a clear understanding of the creation of centralized price discovery for grains. More importantly, it points out need for risk management, from both buyer and seller, which needed to be addressed.

UCX finds itself in the exact same position as did the pioneers who started the CBOT in 1848.  As did the visionaries of the time, we at UCX see the need for central price discovery in the digital assets which are being produced, consumed and mis-priced throughout the IT world.  Starting a new asset class for trading and risk management purposes is a difficult task, fortunately for UCX we have the 150 years of exchange experience by way of our Chicago trading roots to guide us through the creation of the next great asset class.

UCX, with the first two product launches, has created the tools which are needed for today’s needs.  What used to be a need for price certainty in grains has now become a 21st century problem of price certainly for server usage.  What was the problem of a farm in the mid 1800’s is now a problem face by Datacenters and CSP’s.

Whether it be a traditional VM or Bare Metal, UCX has created the market place which provides the best possible market driven price for the industry. UCX is prepared to change the world of digital finance…Our proud Chicago pedigree is our inspiration.

We challenge the IT community to tear down the walls and treat the price, consumption and risk management of their organizations compute resources in the most efficient manner.

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