The Evolution of Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Written December 13, 2016 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

The recent article written in IT Proportal by Guy Caspi, titled, ‘The evolution of deep learning and machine learning’ understates the importance of compute resources for the needs of the future.

We, at the Universal Compute Xchange could not agree more that Deep Learning and Machine Learning lays the foundation for a quantum leap in mankind.  Image the possibilities for medicine, engineering, automation or simple corporate evolution.  As we find ourselves in the infancy of this paradigm shift, UCX understands the need for compute processing procured at real market prices. The need for compute resources will grow astronomically. The only way to make the proper, decisions is to find a central price discovery mechanism for buying and selling infrastructure, UCX is the answer.

As the possibilities are endless for the ‘digital age’ so too are the needs for risk management and capital efficiencies which will accompany the growing capital expenditures.  UCX is positioned to fill the void with innovative new products and services which will evolve with the amazing future which lies ahead. UCX is risk management for the digital age!