Cloud Computing as a Utility

Written December 7, 2016 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

Earlier this month Forbes interviewed Dheeraj Pandey the CEO and founder of Nutanix, a company which works with cloud level infrastructures and technologies.

UCX shares the view that the cloud will be a utility and thus treated as one when it comes to managing risk and finding real price discovery. Where we differ is in the fact that we see the ‘complexities’ which Mr. Pandey points out becoming obsolete as technology transfer allows for a much more efficient use of infrastructure. SLA’s don’t have to be complex!  As an example, let’s look at electricity; It was just 50 short years ago, which saw electricity officers stationed at factories and manufacturers because of the complexity of electricity.  Today, does anyone really care where their electricity is generated?  If the lights turn on, and the machines are running, everyone is happy.  That’s the world for the cloud which we, at UCX see one day…A global cloud which is priced and traded as a true utility!