Switching Clouds will be as Easy as Changing an App

Written October 24, 2016 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

As more users of Cloud Infrastructure begin to understand their needs in a cost-efficient manner, moving from one provider to another should become as easy as downloading an app.  In the latest piece in Tech Republic by Nick Heath, Switching clouds: What Spotify learned when it swapped AWS for Google’s cloud,


it becomes evident that the industry is poised to make significant inroads into the easy movement and flexibility with a multi cloud approach and UCX is prepared to help.  As a case study, Spotify, shared the glitches associated with movement of big data away from AWS to another provider.  UCX believes each one of the critical points which Spotify came upon will be resolved sooner rather than later.  UCX believes that the ‘Cloud’ will be a utility, coupled with central price discovery, allowing the egalitarian use of all infrastructure services globally.  Allowing the easy movement from provider to provider allows for a level playing field and REAL technological advancements.  Just think; does it matter where your electricity comes from? Of course not! we all turn on our computers and couldn’t care less where the power is produced!

UCX understands the 5 glitches which Spotify identified and look forward to technologists making migration even easier. UCX is prepared to help those using the exchange understand each issue raised by the progressive and brilliant minds at Spotify!

  1. Check if your infrastructure is tightly coupled to your old cloud
  2. Watch out for unexpected latency spikes
  3. Check how well your new cloud provider integrates with your CDN
  4. Check what you’ll lose during the move
  5. Check how simple the transfer process will be