The Multi-Cloud Approach and UCX

Written September 23, 2016 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

As IT becomes more important to global corporations both big and small, it becomes apparent that the multi-cloud management approach is absolutely necessary in order to maintain CSP diversification.  Would you put all your money into one stock? Of course not.  But IT professionals, in many cases, have no problem putting all their critical assets with one vendor. Enter the MCM approach. In many cases the MCM is the answer but it does have some flaws. The multi-cloud management space would be so much more efficient using UCX.  As many of the smaller companies in the MCM space have come to realize, using the UCX markets provides a central marketplace for all ‘Cloud’ usage coupled with the ability to bid on future usage. It gives providers a vehicle for yield management and most important, it creates capital efficiencies and risk management in a growing IT world.


No longer are users obligated to pay the fixed price of the Cloud Service Providers.  The time has come to trade a commodity as a commodity.  In short, compute usage is as commoditized as electricity; a fact that UCX has known from its inception…The CSP’s know it, the MCM’s know it and now the time has come for the world to know it too!


In a recent piece from Doublehorn,, The case for using the markets being created by UCX has never been more clear.  A multi-cloud approach, albeit wonderful, doesn’t work unless there are free, open markets which create real risk management for the underlying commodity, compute usage.