Moving both Critical and/or Non-Critical Assets with No Stickiness

Written December 2, 2015 by
Jack Bouroudjian
Chief Economist

Want to move assets ( Critical assets, Non Critical assets or both) to the public or private cloud without the stickiness of the present market structure? Let me introduce a new exchange here in Chicago, UCX (Universal Cloud Exchange). We are trading IaaS (The Cloud) with a patented algo called a WAC (Workload Allocation Cube) much like the WATT is to electricity.

The WAC unit is comprised of six compute resources: CPU, Memory, Storage, Disk I/O, LAN I/O, and WAN I/O.

UCX has over a dozen members and has been trading since September. We have delivered millions of hours of Compute resource power using our standardized contracts. In short, we are an electronic, spot exchange offering central price discovery for compute resource power using a patented algorithm.

The open marketplace allows for either a ‘virtual’ data center to be built or  allows for hedging fixed expenses using cash forward contracts, both fixed and pay-as-you-go.  The market also allows ‘cloud’ brokers to use standardized financial instruments to simplify transactions. The trades are from vetted participants, allowing for secure, reliable, top tier delivery. The transactions are also marked to market allowing participants to use MTM accounting, if needed.

For interested readers, here is a link to the exchange sight: it should give you a better understanding of the concept. The CME Group has offered assistance and provided guidance along with helping in many other ways (UCX uses the ‘Liquid’ platform furnished by CME.) In addition, UCX has offered a huge incentive program for qualified participants.

Our Indian counterpart is the India Compute Interchange, here is the link The response we are getting is overwhelming, especially in India! Introducing the project to the Modi government had a big impact on his decision to have India become the Pan-Asian hub for all cloud processing. It aligns itself with his ‘Digital India’ promise.

As the world moves from an allocation based model to a consumption based approach, commoditization of IaaS is inevitable.  UCX is positioned to be the central price discovery mechanism for every data center, CSP and end user.

I encourage interested parties to contact us to learn more.

– Jack